Emergency Cell Phone

Emergency Cellular Phones


Finally, a place to find an emergency cell phone that won't run you broke. Our goal is to demonstrate the least expensive way to own an emergency cell phone. We know the perfect emergency cell phone to keep in the glove compartment of your car. Many people have a cell phone on a monthly plan so they can make a phone call in case of an emergency. Most of these cell phone plans cost $40 or more per month. If you just need a phone for emergencies, you may not need a cell phone on a monthly plan. If you have a cell phone in your house that in the past was on a monthly plan, you can use this phone to make FREE 911 calls even if your phone is no longer on a monthly calling plan. Emergency 911 calls are regulated by the FCC. The cellular carriers are required by the FCC to put 911 calls through even if the calling cell phone is not one of their customers. One exception to this rule is older analog cell phones. Just like TV signals are now only broadcast in digital, analog cell phones will no longer work in the United States. If your cell phone is fairly new or just a couple years old, the chances are good that it is not an analog phone and will make 911 calls in case of an emergency.

This emergency cell phone is handy when you have car trouble and saves you money!!!   emergency cell phone

In many areas, an unactivated cell phone will also allow you to make calls to numbers other than 911 with your credit card. To test this with your unactivated cell phone, dial the full area code and phone number you want to call. In many areas, a cellular operator will offer you options to make a collect call or a regular call, charging the call to your credit card. These credit card calls are not cheap and can cost between two and three dollars per minute. That cost is cheap if you only made the call to contact your towing company, etc.

What can an emergency cellular phone do? They are an inexpensive solution allowing you to place a FREE 911 call in an emergency  situation. A wireless emergency phone has many benefits:

  • call 911 FREE
  • call 911 with one-touch
  • call numbers other than 911
  • may work with prepaid cards
  • reliable year after year
  • Save $480 a year!
  • No contracts
  • No monthly bill
  • Nationwide coverage
  • 911 service free for life
  • ideal for senior citizens

An emergency cell phone is good year after year and can offer you peace of mind.

The best thing about an emergency phone is that if you plan to use the phone just for 911 only, you get entirely free service from the cellular carrier in the area you are driving in. The greatest reason people want a cell phone is for emergencies. You get these calls for free with your old cellular phone.

Sometimes 911 is needed in the event of a car accident. Car accidents can often be very minor, but the 911 call is needed to get police on the scene to write up a report. If you leave the scene of a car accident before the police write up a report, and just exchange insurance information with the other driver, it will be your word against the other driver in the accident. The other driver could tell their insurance company that the accident was your fault when it was actually their fault! This is just one reason why an emergency phone can be very handy to have in the car.

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Don't get stuck on the side of the road. Get an Emergency Cell Phone.

With an Emergency Cell Phone you're back on the road. Get out of a mess quickly!